Lessons and Courses

Single Driving Lessons

We offer our students singular driving lessons. You can avail of one or two hour lessons and we offer the best rates around at €30 per driving lesson or pre-test.

EDT – Essential Driver Training

  • The introduction of the new EDT course consists of 12 driving lessons/modules that must be completed before sitting your driving test.
  • Any learner who got their first learners permit on or after 4th April 2011 must complete these 12 lessons before they can sit their full Driving Test.
  • You can get more information regarding EDT here.
  • We offer every student an amazing €320 for the block of 12

Beginners Driving Lessons Course

If you’re under the new EDT you will need 12 lessons. If not we would recommend a block of 5 to begin with and then another block of 5 after that. You choose the time and day that best suits you for every lesson. Its also up to you whether you think one hour, two hours would best suit you.

The beginner’s course is for the learner driver who has never really driven a car at all or perhaps has just drove around a car park once or twice. On completion of your block of beginner lessons you will able to take on any given situation on the road. You will evidently need a good few hour’s road experience before you’re ready to apply for your full driving test

We have a set systematic approach to cater for each individual student to cover every last detail and we will only move onto a new topic when you your instructor feel confident in whatever stage you are at.

  • We offer every student an amazing €165 for a block of 6 driving lessons.

Intermediate Driving Lessons Course

This course would usually consist of 5 – 8 driving lessons. Again its up to you whether you think one hour, two hours would best suit you.

The Intermediate Course would suit a learner driver that can drive but would like to improve their standard. Your first lesson would start by us assessing your driving, we would point out any bad habits and then iron these out so that you are driving perfectly and getting ready for your driving test.

  • We offer every student an amazing €165 for a block of 6 driving lessons and €320 for 10 driving lessons.

Pre-Test Driving Lessons Course

Driving Schools Dublin provides specialist pre-tests covering all the test routes in Dublin.

Your instructor will take you around your chosen test route, telling you exactly what you need to know and how to pass your driving test

Your pre test course is usually made up of 2 to 4 hours of driving lessons. These hours are usually best done in 2 hour slots so we can show you and guide you through everything that will be coming up in your driving test in order for you to pass it first time.

In your pre tests you can expect:

  • Explanation of how the test will be conducted
  • Vehicle checks.
  • Practical Theory questions / Rules of the road
  • The correct way to drive during the driving test
  • The driving test route, multiple routes and test areas
  • Assess your driving, point out bad habits
  • Manoeuvres – i.e. reversing around corner, turnabout, hill start
  • Final checks / Fine tuning

Your pre test will be conducted in exactly the same format as it will be when you sit your real driving test with the RSA, giving you a real life experience so you know exactly what to expect on the day.