How Much

There are probably hundreds of local driving schools in your local area. Some driving schools will make it sound like you’re getting as great deal by getting 2 hours free and savings of 40%. Reality is that their prices are way over priced to begin with. We do things in a slightly different way; we simply offer you cheap driving lessons.

The hourly driving lessons are already priced at a very low level, however you can get them even cheaper by paying for a block of lessons. Block-bookings can be paid for in advance either online or ob your first driving lesson.

Driving lesson prices:

1 Hour: €30
2 Hours: €60
Block of 6 EDT: €75
Block of 12 EDT: €335


1 Hour: €30
2 Hours: €58
Block of 6 EDT: €165
Block of 12 EDT: €320

If you have any questions or queries or would like to make a booking call us on 083 880 5126 or e-mail us via the contact page.